Monthly Archives: February 2011

Hackers release Stuxnet’s decompiled code online

The Stuxnet worm was a cybermissile designed to penetrate advanced security systems; it was equipped with a warhead that targeted and took over the controls of the centrifuge systems at Iran’s uranium processing center in Natanz, and it had a second warhead that targeted the massive turbine at the nuclear reactor in Bushehr; security experts […]

Malware Aimed at Iran Hit Five Sites, Report Says

Malware Aimed at Iran Hit Five Sites, Report Says By JOHN MARKOFF The report, released Friday by Symantec, a computer security software firm, said there were three waves of attacks. Liam O Murchu, a security researcher at the firm, said his team was able to chart the path of the infection because of an unusual […]

Stuxnet may turn Bushehr into a new Chernobyl

The destructive Stuxnet virus infected some 45,000 industrial control computers and servers in Iran; it destroyed more than 20 percent of Iran’s centrifuges, and, on 16 November, forced Iran to shut down uranium enrichment operations; it also infected the control system of the Bushehr reactor; Stuxnet is a sophisticated virus: while doing its destructive work, […]