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How to root the Nook Tablet

By Eric Mack Rooting the Nook Tablet expands the slate’s horizons with the addition of the Android Market The Nook Tablet from Barnes and Noble offers meatier specs than Amazon’s Kindle Fire for half the price of an iPad, but the selection of apps on offer for the e-Reader/tablet hybrid is a bit underwhelming. Fortunately, […]

Corporate America Must Fight, and Live With, China Hackers: View

By the Editors Dec 15, 2011 5:00 PM MT  Chinese hackers have redefined the concept of room service: In one recent attack, they infiltrated an Internet service provider to some of the world’s leading hotels, potentially gaining access to millions of confidential messages of traveling executives, as well as to the victims’ corporate networks. The electronic theft of proprietary information […]

Electrical grid needs cybersecurity oversight: study

Published 14 December, 2011 – 07:20 In a recently released report, researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology say that a single federal agency should be tasked with protecting the United States’ electrical grid from cyberattacks; the Obama administration has proposed that DHS assume responsibility for the grid, while Congress has submitted proposals for both […]

The Cyber Security Industrial Complex

Documents point to a huge industry that provides online surveillance tools to governments and police agencies. By David Talbot A claim by Wikileaks that documents it released last week provide evidence of a “secret new industry” of mass surveillance was as breathless as previous pronouncements from Julian Assange’s organization. But the material does provide a stark reminder […]

Sons of Stuxnet

Hackers are learning new lessons from the most sophisticated virus code ever written BY STEVEN CHERRY // WED, DECEMBER 14, 2011 Last year, we did a show about the Stuxnet worm that was one of the most listened to of the year. In fact, it’s one of the most listened-to shows of this year as well. Last week, […]